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Air Canada Electric Plane Meme Template


Air Canada Electric Plane Meme Template

Just recently it was announced that Air Canada purchased 30 electric-hybrid planes in an attempt to reduce emission targets by 2050. The planes are to be flown with zero emissions at their launch in 2028.

Now let’s get back to reality, when I seen this news article about Air Canada buying electric planes I thought to myself, this has to be a meme right? Turns out I was wrong, it’s actually true.

At we add meme templates to our meme generator that we think may go viral one day soon, and I believe this is it. I can safety predict that the Air Canada electric plane meme template will go viral and therefore the electric plane has been added to our template database.

Would you trust yourself flying from Edmonton to Red Deer in electric plane during -30 degrees weather Alberta and the rest of Canada receives? Not me, I’ll drive those 200km with my diesel truck.

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