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Dr. Evil One Million Dollars


Dr. Evil One Million Dollars

A popular meme that has been around since the mid-2000s, this one-liner on Dr Evil’s million-dollar offer has made its rounds on every social network imaginable. While it seems like a simple joke, it’s actually very clever in its complicated use of sarcasm, irony and double entendres. The Dr Evil 1 million dollars meme can be used to make fun of anyone who is being unreasonable or overbearing in some way. It can also be used when you feel like someone is being too sensitive about something, such as when someone gets upset about something you said and takes it out on you. And for those who don’t know what Dr Evil looks like, the meme can be used to mean “someone who causes a lot of trouble and chaos” with our blank 1 million dollar meme template.

Dr Evil is a self-proclaimed villain in the popular film franchise Austin Powers. He is played by Mike Myers and is the main antagonist of the films. He was born as Michael Evil, but later renamed himself after breaking his parents’ vase at age 12. Dr Evil is an extremely evil and cold-hearted person who loves to cause mayhem and misery wherever he goes. He is also very intelligent and has many different gadgets at his disposal. He uses these gadgets to break into buildings, steal things, and generally cause chaos wherever he goes. Dr Evil also has a strong hatred for Austin Powers and everything that comes with it, such as women and children. He will do absolutely anything to see it destroyed and bring misery to everyone involved.

Use the 1 million dollar meme generator above to create your own Austin Powers meme and share it with your friends.

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