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Dream Face Reveal Meme Template


Dream Face Reveal Meme Template

It was the big build up to October 2, 2022, when a video was uploaded to YouTube with the simple title: “hi, I’m Dream.” The Dream Face reveal meme was born.

The video was a hit and instantly went viral, sitting at 43 million views just two weeks after it was uploaded, the Dream Face Reveal video went viral because people started making memes of  the Dream YouTuber also known as Clay. He was called average, ugly and fat among other things online.

Dream has been uploading to YouTube since 2014 plays “Minecraft Manhunt” and is also well known for his Minecraft speedruns. Dream has 31 million subscribers to his channel which is fairly popular in the standards of YouTube creators.

The Face Reveal went viral because the YouTuber built up his face reveal for about a month and nobody was really surprised when he revealed his face, it was nothing special and people started making memes and posting them to TikTok.

Since the Dream Face Reveal video was such a viral hit we had to create and post the Dream Face Reveal meme template on our own meme generator for you to use, Dream will appreciate the publicity because memes are just too funny.


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