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Gus Fring: We Are Not The Same


Gus Fring: We Are Not The Same

The “We Are Not The Same” meme template by actor Gus Fring from Breaking Bad was first populated in 2019 on Twitter and Reddit. People are using the “We Are Not The Same” meme generator to make ironic memes. The term “ironic” refers to the fact that the message being conveyed is the exact opposite of what the author intends to convey. In an ironic meme, the author’s original intention is not obvious to anyone but himself. An ironic meme can be created intentionally or unintentionally.

The star of this meme is Gus Fring, he is a fictional character in the television series “Breaking Bad“, played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. He is first mentioned by Walter White, Jr. in “Walter Blows Up” (season 1, episode 2). Gus is the head of a local drug cartel operating in New Mexico, who has a personal stake in the development of methamphetamine and its production. He has a long-standing relationship with Walter and acts as his closest business partner and mentor. In the final season, it is revealed that he has returned to New York after the events of “Breaking Bad” and is running a successful restaurant.

Although he appears only briefly throughout the series, many aspects of his character have been explored by meme makers since 2019. One of the first ironic meme made by the “We Are Not The Same” meme template was “You scared To Be Single, I’m Scared to be in another pointless ass relationship. We are not the same.” The Tweet was posted by @Lala_Ridley on Twitter and went viral. After the meme went viral people started using Gus Fring to make their Point of View ironic memes and the trend continues to this day.

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