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How Long Do Idiots Live For


How Long Do Idiots Live For

You probably found this posts because you Googled “How Long Do Idiots Live For Meme”. The answer is 12-15 years according to Google.

Google has stated that idiots, or idiotic people live only 12 to 15 years, so by the time they become teenagers they will die. Google obviously trolled us and answered our question with an idiotic answer.

The How Long Do Idiots Live For Meme went viral on TikTok in 2021 and went viral a second time in 2022. Teens were sharing the meme and telling their friends that they will die soon in a shocking way trolling their friends. 

You can use the “How Long Do Idiots Live For Meme” template and create your own meme and send it to your friends on TikTok, Facebook or Reddit, the How Long Do Idiots Live For Meme Generator above allows you to make your meme and add stickers to it. Check it out and work the magic.

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