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Let’s Go Brandon Meme Template


Let’s Go Brandon Meme Template

The Let’s go Brandon meme was one of the most popular memes to spread like wildfire across the internet all over the United States and Canada. The meme is from NASCAR Racer Brandon Brown after a interview by NBC journalist who allegedly misheard the chanting crown saying “Fuck Joe Biden”. Kelli Stavast who interviewed Brown after the race thought the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon!” But no, the crowd was chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” which was heard by the interview mic clear as day.

The Let’s go Brandon meme went crazy viral over the next few months and even has it’s own Wikipedia page. The mainstream media calls the meme rude and vulgar but were silent when their friends wanted made jokes about killing former President Trump. And that’s why memes like “Let’s go Brandon” go viral, because the mainstream media fails to report real news and tries to veer away from the truth, just like the “Let’s go Brandon” interview, the media tried to hide the fact that the crowd was chanting “Fuck Joe Biden”.

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