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Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski is one of the most beloved characters in the Monster world franchise, and he has a lot to thank for that. In addition to being one of the main protagonists in the original film, he was also the star of the first meme based on Monster world, which turned out to be quite successful. Mike Wazowski Meme template is now widely known as “That Green Guy” or simply “Wazzu” (and not just among Monster World fans).

Although Mike Wazowski was not the lead protagonist in Monsters Inc., he still played a key role in the plot. Mike and Sully (the main protagonist) were best friends who both worked at the Sullivans’ Scared Factory, where children’s screams were harvested and converted into energy for the city of Monstropolis. Mike Wazowski was an average-sized, green, one-eyed monster with two legs, two arms, and six fingers on each hand. He had black markings on his face, a purple nose, and a large mouth.

Mike Wazowski is first seen on TV in the opening scene of the film, flying through the city and shouting, “Hey, Boo!” at a little girl. He is next seen in the Scare Floor of the factory where he, Sully, and three other monsters are working. He is seen once more when he and Sully chase Boo through the city, and he trips and falls over a parked car. After that, Mike Wazowski is absent from the rest of the film until the end, when he and Sully are trying to find Boo again. Unfortunately for them, the doors of the child-protection agency open and two company agents walk out. Mike tries to tell them about the little girl, but he is too nervous to speak clearly.

One of the most popular memes from Monsters Inc. is the “That Green Guy” meme. Because the scene in which it was featured was so easy to recreate and modify, the meme became very widespread after it was made with Mike Wazowski meme generator. It quickly appeared in many different variations and was used in many different contexts. The most common version of the meme features Mike Wazowski, but sometimes another monster (like Sulley) is also featured. The scene shows one of the monsters sitting in a chair with his feet up on the table. In another scene, the same monster is seen floating in midair while sitting in a chair. Another variation has the monster simply floating in midair.

The popularity of this meme is surprising considering its modest origins. The scene that served as the inspiration for this meme was the one where Mike Wazowski tried to tell the company agents about the little girl. He was too nervous to speak clearly, and in the background, the agents couldn’t understand a word he was saying because his mouth was moving too fast. For some reason, fans of the film found these two scenes incredibly amusing. A video of the scene, in which the agents are saying “what?” and “slow down” turned into one of the most popular memes from Monsters Inc.

One of the reasons why this meme is so loved is that it is very easy to understand and create your own variations, which is why it has become so popular. Another reason why this meme is so successful is that it is tied to one of the most popular franchises in the world, which means that it is very easy to find other fans of this meme and enjoy it together.

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