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Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind Meme Template


Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind Meme Template

Do you feel like your brain is clogged with information? Have you ever considered that perhaps you’re only thinking of a few things at any given time? If so, don’t worry. Maybe you’re just not as clever as people think. Change your mind, though, and suddenly everything starts to make sense. This is the power of Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind memes!

Steven Crowder is a conservative comedian and host of Louder with Crowder. His videos are often heavily political, featuring commentary on various news stories, but in a way that’s actually meant to be funny. For instance, his videos often parody how the mainstream media cover breaking stories, like when he covered a story about an Alabama man who was charged for shooting at his neighbor’s house because of their religion. However, because of their religion, this neighbor is apparently “scared to come out of their house”. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for attempted murder. Crowder grew up as a Catholic in Massachusetts and attended Boston College as well as Berklee College of Music before dropping out to pursue comedy full-time. He started doing stand up comedy at age 19 and hasn’t stopped since then; he now performs almost every night across the country if he has time for it.

Crowder’s career in comedy began on the small club stages across the country. He started out in a comedy troupe called Operation Intercept. Crowder appeared in his first comedy special during his second year of college. His debut comedy special, “Steven Crowder Does Not Care for Your Imaginary Wishes”, was released on YouTube in August 2010. Crowder’s videos are still available to view on his channel, which has more than 5.5 million subscribers. Crowder released his second comedy special in October 2013, titled “This is the Day”. It has since been viewed more than 2 million times. His videos now regularly get millions of views, and he has become an online celebrity. Crowder’s videos are regularly watched by thousands of people, but they are also regularly shared and commented on by his fans. Crowder has become a YouTube star, but he is also expanding into other media. Crowder has also released several books and podcasts, and he is preparing a film project. Crowder’s YouTube channel has a mix of stand-up comedy, political commentary, and weird internet videos.

His Change My Mind videos are based on popular segments from his other work like “Change My Mind: Jesus vs Satan”, “Change My Mind: Atheism vs Christianity”, “Change My Mind: Abortion Vs Life.” The Change My Mind videos quickly turned into a meme template where people made memes when they disagreed with someone on the internet, change my mind went viral and stirred up many comments reaching high engagement. Create your own change my mind meme with our meme generator and go viral with it.


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