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Waiting Meme Template


Waiting Meme Template

The waiting meme template is a humorous Internet meme that features a person in an uncomfortable situation and waits for the other person to do something about it. In many cases, the other person does nothing and only makes the situation more awkward. The reason why this meme is funny is because it shows how annoying it can be to wait in line or for other people to do things. The person waiting on this bench is none other than Pablo Escobar himself as it sits and waits. The meme dates way back to 2016 when it first went viral. The meme is also knows as wait meme, waiting on meme and wait a minute meme.

Meme makers use the waiting meme generator to create waiting memes because waiting could be a very frustrating experience. It’s not just about sitting around waiting for something to happen, but also about waiting for the right opportunity. Waiting can be used as a form of procrastination, and it can lead to inactivity and loss of motivation. When you’re waiting, you’re either unable or unwilling to take action. Waiting is often perceived as a passive activity, and it often makes people feel powerless and helpless. However, waiting can also be an active activity when it comes to saving for your future or investing in a business. When you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity, you’re actively thinking about how you want to shape your future, how you want to grow your business, and how you want to make money. Waiting is all about being proactive and thinking ahead.

The waiting meme generator is an extremely popular web service that allows you to create a custom image for your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile. The tool makes it easy for users to express their frustrations by putting a photo of themselves in a chair, bench or swing like Pablo Escobar that says “Waiting”, “Waiting for [insert name],” or “Waiting for the bus.” The tool is extremely simple to use and only takes a few minutes to create a profile image. There are no restrictions on what you can use the waiting meme generator to create, so you can create any kind of image you want.

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